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For my Favorite Admirer

Posted On February 14th, 2024

Every time I look at you

it’s a vibe

You’re fully locked in on me

And it shows

You look at me with the kindest, the softest, eyes I’ve ever felt

Your energy towards me is possessive

There’s no secret about your intentions

to protect me, my peace, and my happiness,

at all costs

Your compliments are consistent

You extend grace towards me

for the same flaws that you embrace

You set the standard for how to adore me

You can’t let a day go by without expressing your appreciation

for, and of, me

You are who I look forward to seeing




In my reflection

I love you

And you love me back

And as long as me and you remain good

Then everything else…

well everything else gone be alright

Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful People!


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Perfect Monster

Posted On September 24th, 2022

Perfect Monster

Original poem by Ms. Scott

Ms. Scott

I have two minds

One says I can do no wrong

The other says all I do is wrong

I listen to them both

My mirror shows two reflections

One of beauty, power, and hope

The other of unworthiness, weakness, and defeat

I see them both

I am at once enough and lacking

My consistent projection of perfection

Conveniently blocks your view of my flaws

Until it’s too late…for you

I am too strong to ask for help, much less receive it

It seems, I may just have to gather up my conflicting minds

And two faces and destroy your wonderful image of me

Before it’s too late…for me


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Best Friends

Posted On January 12th, 2022

The goal of my life

Is to get my heart and mind

To ride the same wave

At the same time

And to have neither fall off

To realize that their connection

Has the power to calm storms

But that their separation

Creates them

I want my feelings and thoughts

To be Best Friends

That never fight, each other

But that will go to war, for each other

Creating a heart 

that listens to reason

And a mind that knows

when it’s not the right season

for love


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Posted On December 8th, 2021

I’ve given you too much power
You’ve betrayed me one too many times
And it turns out
You know very little about what I need
And even less about what I deserve
Yet you are in control of everything

From now on
I think I will experience love
Less with my heart
And more with my eyes
And see where that gets me


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Posted On September 27th, 2021

There’s something I’ve never told a soul

And I’m not sure if you can take it, if I shared with you

It’s about the girl I used to be

About something I was forced to do

You see I haven’t always been this woman you know

Didn’t always hold my head up quite so high

In fact, I used to believe that everything about me was less than

Though I know now, that’s a bold-faced lie

Because I murdered the girl I used to be

And truth be told, I’d do it again

Because she would’ve done anything to make me lose this confidence

She would’ve always let, my insecurities win

So yes, I celebrate myself on purpose

Because I survived the battlefield of my mind

And that’s why the only thoughts that enter my head right now

Are full of self-love and positive vibes


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The Gift of You

Posted On June 4th, 2021

Picture yourself in that moment
When all that you are, is everything they see
And the message of “enoughness” you came to deliver
Is the very gift everyone around you receives


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Posted On May 11th, 2021

Yes, yes I know there’s so much you need me to do
Right now
At this moment
So many things that I told you I would do
For you
Right now
At this moment


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Posted On April 11th, 2021

Who gave me this thing in the first place
That is the question of the hour
Who tricked me into believing that if I put this thing on
It would give me all this so called “magic” and power


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A Table for One

Posted On February 10th, 2021

No, I’m not waiting for anyone
My entire party is already here
Yes, this well put together woman before you
Will dine alone tonight, without worry or fear

I defy the rule that says we must sit across from someone
Before we can declare ourselves out on a proper date
When in fact, I know of no better company than what I give to myself
And my own love put this smile on my face

I compete with no one when it comes time to brighten a room
And I keep my confidence at a level beyond anyone’s reach
Lest some fool believes he can tear down what he didn’t build
Or needs to learn a lesson I stay ready to teach

You see it is I, that treats me best
Who put in the time and got her self work done
So I have no energy left to make anyone else understand
Why I sit so peacefully at A Table for One


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