For my Favorite Admirer

Posted On February 14th, 2024

Every time I look at you

it’s a vibe

You’re fully locked in on me

And it shows

You look at me with the kindest, the softest, eyes I’ve ever felt

Your energy towards me is possessive

There’s no secret about your intentions

to protect me, my peace, and my happiness,

at all costs

Your compliments are consistent

You extend grace towards me

for the same flaws that you embrace

You set the standard for how to adore me

You can’t let a day go by without expressing your appreciation

for, and of, me

You are who I look forward to seeing




In my reflection

I love you

And you love me back

And as long as me and you remain good

Then everything else…

well everything else gone be alright

Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful People!

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