A Table For One

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Nia Elizabeth Hagins is a young, beautiful, and successful attorney who is well on her way to learning several lessons in love – the hard way. A Table for One is a compelling story about how Nia attempts to navigate this journey at a time in her life when her relationship and her career both offer distracting detours.

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Upcoming Event: C.A.P.E.rsona Chats: Episode 5, Successful but “Still Single”, December 16th, 2021 4:00 PM EST

I can not let 2021 end without one more episode of C.A.P.E.rsona Chats! Join Julian and I as we talk about the three stigmas we’ve experienced the most as women that are “Successful” but “Still Single”. 


C.A.P.E.rsona Chats: Ms. Scott

The Power of Knowing Your Influence. I would bet that every last one of us is guilty of underestimating our influence. Both within our immediate circle and beyond. In our third episode of C.A.P.E.rsona Chats, Julian and I will discuss why there is so much power in knowing the full range of our influence – and the responsibilities that come with that knowledge. I’ll also tell you about a ‘new’ skill that I’m honing during those precious moments that I find to TAKE THAT CAPE OFF!


Ms. Scott
C.A.P.E.rsona Chats: Halana Rideau, FNP-C

Julian and I can’t thank each of you enough for making the very first episode of C.A.P.E.rsona Chats such a success! I honestly could not think of a better person to help me formally introduce my new ventures to the world. BUT NOW I’M BACK WITH EPISODE TWO. And joining me is my very special guest, Ms. Halana Rideau, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Let me tell you, talk about wearing a cape for a living, Halana does that AND SO MUCH MORE! Be sure to join us on May 18th at 6:30PM EST as we continue the conversation on why it’s oh so important to find time to TAKE THAT CAPE OFF!


Halana Rideau, FNP-C
C.A.P.E.rsona Chats: Octavia Scott


Octavia Scott
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