Announcing my new book release: “No Really, I’m Fine”

Posted On March 24th, 2022

PSA: I stopped reaching for the stars and just GRABBED one! And I confess, I love the way this success feels in the palm of my hand.  

Let me explain. 

Recently, I made the decision to stop aspiring towards my dreams, and to just do the work to achieve them. As a result, in the past 13 months, I published not just one book, but TWO. That’s right, I released my first novella, “A Table for One” in February 2021 and just published the sequel, “No Really, I’m Fine,” last week! Never mind the fact that this occurred while I served in a Key Development (KD) assignment in my full-time career as an Army Officer. I prioritized an accomplishment that served MY happiness, supported MY dreams, and fulfilled MY purpose. And I don’t have a single regret. On the contrary, I am beyond proud of myself for having the courage to put ME first. 

I am also extremely and externally grateful to everyone that supports my work. It’s true, I could never thank you enough for encouraging me to do that thing that makes my heart smile the brightest and biggest. Writing books. 

Indeed, no longer do I aspire to be an Author. I am one. Twice over. 

Grabbing stars is addictive. Try it out and let me know if you agree.


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Best Friends

Posted On January 12th, 2022

The goal of my life

Is to get my heart and mind

To ride the same wave

At the same time

And to have neither fall off

To realize that their connection

Has the power to calm storms

But that their separation

Creates them

I want my feelings and thoughts

To be Best Friends

That never fight, each other

But that will go to war, for each other

Creating a heart 

that listens to reason

And a mind that knows

when it’s not the right season

for love


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C.A.P.E.rsona Chats: Episode 5, Successful but “Still Single”, December 16th, 2021 4:00 PM EST

Posted On December 14th, 2021

I can not let 2021 end without one more episode of C.A.P.E.rsona Chats! Join Julian and I as we talk about the three stigmas we’ve experienced the most as women that are “Successful” but “Still Single”. 

And I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised to hear who gives us the most ‘grief’: men or women; family or co-workers; other singles or married folks? 

Trust me, you do not want to miss this one!

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Emotional Eating: Why it Became my Drug of Choice and how I Recovered

Posted On December 13th, 2021

I must admit that I worked hard to have a smile that originates from my soul, travels through my heart and still arrives intact to its destination on my face. Because for years I only felt emptiness in my soul, sadness in my heart, and wore a smile faker than a million dollar bill. I didn’t know my purpose, didn’t believe in happiness, and felt that no one cared to know my truth. 

And so I ate. A lot. 


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Posted On December 8th, 2021

I’ve given you too much power
You’ve betrayed me one too many times
And it turns out
You know very little about what I need
And even less about what I deserve
Yet you are in control of everything

From now on
I think I will experience love
Less with my heart
And more with my eyes
And see where that gets me


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Why it’s Perfectly Ok to Achieve Goals…and Still Not be Satisfied

Posted On November 15th, 2021

This is the year that I finally arrived at a level of success that made every last one of my previous failures and trials worth it. And I got here because I achieved and dreamed at the exact same time. If I’d focused simply on reaching important milestones in my Army career and ignored my dream to write, I would not know this success. Or if I’d focused solely on publishing my first book and neglected to give my best to my career, I would not know this degree of success. 


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The Beauty of Resilience

Posted On October 11th, 2021

Life goes on – after every hurt and after every tragedy. The world doesn’t stop when we suffer, nor does it slow down as we recover. Life continues at the exact same pace, whether we actively participate in it or not.


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Posted On September 27th, 2021

There’s something I’ve never told a soul

And I’m not sure if you can take it, if I shared with you

It’s about the girl I used to be

About something I was forced to do

You see I haven’t always been this woman you know

Didn’t always hold my head up quite so high

In fact, I used to believe that everything about me was less than

Though I know now, that’s a bold-faced lie

Because I murdered the girl I used to be

And truth be told, I’d do it again

Because she would’ve done anything to make me lose this confidence

She would’ve always let, my insecurities win

So yes, I celebrate myself on purpose

Because I survived the battlefield of my mind

And that’s why the only thoughts that enter my head right now

Are full of self-love and positive vibes


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Emotional Safety or Love: The Choice is Easy

Posted On September 6th, 2021

If I’m honest, this idea of emotional security or safety is relatively new to me.  Growing up, I always thought the goal of any romantic relationship was to fall madly and deeply “in love.” And it didn’t matter if that ‘love’ was kind to me, if that ‘love’ respected me, or really if that ‘love’ was even reciprocated. As long as I was “in it”, it was right…or something like that. 


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Introducing Nandi (My Inner Beast)

Posted On August 9th, 2021

I am about six weeks out from my next CrossFit competition on 18 September. And let me tell you, the nerves are REAL. Yes, I’m working on the complexity of the exercises but more importantly I’m working to make sure my mind is right. 


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