The Gift of You

Posted On June 4th, 2021

Picture yourself in that moment
When all that you are, is everything they see
And the message of “enoughness” you came to deliver
Is the very gift everyone around you receives

Plant yourself in that space
Where the easiest thing there is to be, is yourself
And the aura around you screams confidence
The sound of power heard in your every step

Push yourself into your spotlight
And prove to everyone that you are made of magic
That your only goal on any given day
Is to make the impossible…happen

Deliver yourself to your purpose
And embrace all the reasons why you are here
Show anyone that questions your worth or strength
That you’re too busy winning to be distracted by fear

Allow yourself time to breathe
It’s hard work being as fierce as you are
Then return to your stage like you never skipped a beat
To share the gift of you with those near and far

Confession, at one point in my life I absolutely hated to speak in public. The nervousness would overwhelm me. Every single pair of eyes staring back at me would make we feel weak with fear. I would secretly curse the crazy person who had the nerve to ask me to share my thoughts in a public forum to begin with. Then I would curse myself, for having the audacity to say yes to the crazy person. Knowing full well, that I hated to speak in public.

But at some point, inevitably, I would manage to calm myself. And before I opened my mouth to say those first words, I would allow myself to forget my script. Not my message…my script. I would decide that this is not an opportunity in which I would talk

to my audience, but instead talk with them. Instead of strangers, they became family. Instead of fear, I would feel comfort. Comfort in knowing that there was absolutely no wrong way to be me. And that the me I brought into any particular forum, was enough.

The great thing about believing in your message is that you actually want to share it. The amazing thing about believing in yourself is that you trust yourself to do the work in any way that it needs to get done. Fear loves to reside in any space that is not fully occupied by that belief or that trust. And so, my goal is to always make sure that fear is homeless.

I can admit that it’s a lot easier to think that no one wants to hear what we have to say anyway. After all, that gives us permission, a reason, to not prepare our message and do the work to get it out there. It is far harder to accept that we have gifts, talents, that people not only want to receive…they need to receive.

While nervousness is normal, it should also be temporary. Quickly overcome by the importance of that message you were made to deliver. Quickly replaced by the affirmation that there is absolutely no wrong way to be you. And the you that you bring into any given space, is always enough.

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