A Table for One

Posted On February 10th, 2021

No, I’m not waiting for anyone
My entire party is already here
Yes, this well put together woman before you
Will dine alone tonight, without worry or fear

I defy the rule that says we must sit across from someone
Before we can declare ourselves out on a proper date
When in fact, I know of no better company than what I give to myself
And my own love put this smile on my face

I compete with no one when it comes time to brighten a room
And I keep my confidence at a level beyond anyone’s reach
Lest some fool believes he can tear down what he didn’t build
Or needs to learn a lesson I stay ready to teach

You see it is I, that treats me best
Who put in the time and got her self work done
So I have no energy left to make anyone else understand
Why I sit so peacefully at A Table for One

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