Melanin Unicorns

Posted On December 20th, 2022
“Might I suggest you don’t mess with my Sis”
Photo courtesy of Ms. Childs

Have you ever seen a unicorn in real life? How about one dripped in melanin? What about a small tribe of melanin drenched unicorns that dominate and enhance their environment in the most magical ways possible – individually and collectively? You probably haven’t. But I have. And I have the privilege of calling these phenoms, these unicorns, my sisters.

Together, we’ve created a tribe of empowerment, accountability, and acceptance that is rare in a society most known for envy and competition. We even have the audacity to place crowns around our signature horns to further illuminate our uniqueness, grace and power. Indeed, we intentionally celebrate and enhance the very feature that others may find intimidating or even unbecoming.

And while we can readily acknowledge that we are not for everybody. We know that for those that choose not to accept us…it is their loss, not ours.  That is precisely why we refuse to allow each other to hide from the spotlight that both precedes our presence and emanates from our very being. To be clear, you can’t help but to know that we’re coming, and you’ll find it impossible to ignore us when we arrive. After all, we are an unapologetic force of fierceness. You cannot contain us anymore than you can change us. So don’t try.

Shine bright like a diamond
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Sessoms

Yet, inevitably, there are moments when we feel drained by the very force, the strength, that defines us. However you will never know when those moments occur. You see, we are unable to share our vulnerabilities with mere mortals. Because when you’re built different, you carry your burdens different. That is why we can only confirm that our struggles even exist to the members of our tribe. After all, they are the only ones that can fully appreciate what it took for us to expose that secret. Over the years we’ve each learned, in our own way, how lonely it is at the top. Because of that past isolation, we now know how amazing it feels to trust someone, a sister, to protect us as we heal. And to be able to depend on our tribe members to remind us that we belong to a lineage of magical and powerful creatures. As such, we have the confidence to know that it is not a question of can we recover. Only a matter of when.

It should go without saying, but I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that melanin unicorns are an endangered species.  As such, to rest your eyes upon one is a honor. To know that you are one is a blessing. And to be amongst others that look like you is a phenomenon of supernatural origin.  As such, I simply ask that you put some respect on our existence, our excellence, and the measures that we’ll take to protect our tribe.

Head tilted towards the hill, never towards the valley

In closing, to my tribal sisters, let me leave you with this affirmation. The omniscient Queen B recently released a song, Unique. In this anthem for all powerful women, she sang the words, “Unicorn is the uniform you wear”. And so everyday I want you to remind yourself that it’s you. You are the unicorn. And let me be the first one to tell you that you wear your uniform, your melanin, your crown, exceptionally well.

It is an honor to serve with you. It is a blessing to call you both my sisters.

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