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Pamper. Purpose. Service., LLC strives to encourage and empower every individual to create and maintain their own personal universe of happiness, fulfillment, and peace. P.P.S. reminds us that we alone are accountable for the ways in which we treat ourselves, honor our passions and share our unique talents with others in our community.

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Be kind to yourself, first and always

I have the audacity to know that I’m beautiful when society’s standards would have me to believe that I’m not. I have the courage to speak loud and passionately when the world would rather that I sit down and be quiet…preferably in a corner…wayyy over there. And I have the foresight to know that the work I put in today will set conditions for a legacy that will last far beyond my years on earth. 

I also know that the Creator did a marvelous thing when He made me. And the truth is that I don’t need a single soul to cosign or affirm that belief. It is so, because I said that it is so. So how dare I not treat myself as the deserving and powerful being that I am, for no other reason than because, I am? How dare I not be kind to myself? Love on myself? And that’s right, pamper myself?

It is said that the tongue is a powerful weapon. And it’s true. But I would argue that there are few things more powerful than our thoughts or the clarity of the internal mirror that we use to see ourselves. Because it is the things that we think we see in that mirror that will ultimately determine how kind we are to ourselves. How forgiving we are of our mistakes. How much energy we give to the protection of our peace. How much work we’re willing to put in to create and sustain our very own state of happiness. 

It is up to each of us to be consistent, intentional and deliberate in the ways in which we cater to our own happiness or in other words, how we pamper ourselves. As an example, I recently walked past a local florist shop and my heart did a figurative somersault when I saw there were a bunch of purple tulips in the display case. I didn’t allow myself to think about how nice it would be to receive a bouquet from someone else. Instead, I treated myself to a random act of self-kindness on the spot. And I bought that entire arrangement for myself. For no other reason than because the sight, smell, and mere presence of these particular flowers, never fail to make me happy. On other days, I use my gym time as a way to say to myself, “I think you’re pretty fabulous, now let’s go put in this work to keep you that way” 

Time for self-reflection is the only thing required before you can properly decide on the best way(s) in which you can pamper yourself. Nobody knows you better than you. So grab a cup of coffee. Go sit by the window and daydream. Or lay in the bed and fantasize about those things that make you feel like the very best version of you. Write those things down. And commit to doing them. Often and on purpose. 

I’ve told you a couple of the things that are on my Pamper list. So tell me what’s on yours.



Live in your purpose no matter what.

I know that I’m living in my purpose because of the complete absence of regret –  about my chosen profession as an Army Officer or about my natural passion as a Writer. I proudly do both. And I know that together, they form my purpose.  And not surprisingly, it is my passion as a writer that makes me perform better as an Officer. And it is my career as an Officer that allows me to write freely without the pressure of “success” as most people define it. The two integral elements of my purpose do not compete with each other. And that reaffirms to me that I am in fact living the life that the Creator designed just for me. 

I’ve served in the Army’s Military Intelligence Corps for the past eighteen years. Everything about it excites me – to varying degrees of course. But personal and professional challenges notwithstanding, I would unequivocally do it all again. No regrets.

But still, trying to figure out if you’re living in your purpose is still a rather subjective task. It’s not like you’re going to log into your email one day and see a message with a subject that says “CONGRATULATIONS: You’re officially living in your purpose!” Ohhh, if only it were that easy haha. However, I will offer this to you, if you have regrets about the profession you’re in, that’s probably not your purpose. If you find yourself talking to others about something that consumes a great deal of your time but you don’t feel a light switch on inside your eyes or feel the tug of your heart beginning to smile, that’s probably not your purpose. If you are not intentional and passionate about putting forth your very best effort to achieve something, even on the days when things are hard – in fact especially on the days when things are hard, then I would venture to say that you are probably not living in your purpose. 

Whatever that thing is that makes you excited, that makes your eyes light up, that makes your heart grin from corner to corner – do THAT thing or THOSE things. I’m pretty sure that is your purpose.

And humor for me for a minute. Let’s just say I created the PURPOSE Clearing House (the new PCH) and I’m going to start sending out those CONGRATULATIONS emails today to each person living in their purpose. Tell me something you’re currently doing that should get your name on that distribution list today or something that you’re going to start doing to make sure that message shows up in your inbox very soon! 

I’ll go first: Hi. My name is Octavia. I am excited and passionate about my career as a Military Intelligence Officer and my heart smiles biggest when I make time to write. Add me to that PCH distro please!



Share your talent with your community.

I am convinced that service is in my DNA…literally. I say that because I am the proud granddaughter of the late Emma Hagins Scott and the daughter of Elizabeth Scott Brown. These two women are the indisputable prototypes of what it means to serve both one’s community and one’s family – relentlessly, joyously, and with unabated passion.  

I purposely strive to honor my grandmother’s legacy, every single chance that I get. And even though you probably don’t know her, I think you should as well. And in doing so, you will not hesitate to act as an advocate for the underprivileged, fight for basic rights for the disenfranchised, and to simply be a reliable and active member of your community: rain or shine, behind the scenes or in the spotlight, and whether the environment is cooperative or contested. The terms and conditions simply will not matter. 

I acknowledge that sometimes it may seem as if the amount of time, money (or other resources), and advocacy that you can provide simply won’t make the kind of impact that you desire. I counter that thought with this one: service is not measurable by the scale of the impact but in the sincerity of one’s effort. My mother would always tell me, love is an action word. And so is service. And the moment that you put service into a cause that you love and are passionate about, I promise that you will feel the impact immediately. And in due time, so will your community. 

My grandmother Emma exemplified the Queen we read about in Esther 4:14. She used her mighty voice to serve as a constant reminder, that no matter who you are, where you serve, or the challenges you face, never ever doubt the fact, that you were made, yes chosen, for just such a moment and time as this one! And with that reassurance, you should strive to serve until you simply can’t any longer. Just like she did.

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