Posted On April 11th, 2021

Who gave me this thing in the first place
That is the question of the hour
Who tricked me into believing that if I put this thing on
It would give me all this so called “magic” and power

In reality, I’m NOT your superwoman
You didn’t see my fall but I’m definitely still kneeling
Under the pressure of trying to be everything you expect
While paying no attention to this hell that I’m feeling

But right now, I’m feeling like enough is enough
That gaining your approval is not worth losing my peace
In fact, what if I confessed to you that I’m hurting
Inflicted by the kind of pain the eyes could never see

But that, that’s something that I can change
And I know exactly what it is that I have to do
And I won’t apologize for doing what’s necessary for me
Even if it means I have to inconvenience you

So don’t call me, don’t text me
And whatever you do, do not come by
Because the superwoman that you’ve become so
    accustomed to
Just hung up an out of office sign

Don’t ask me how long I’ll be gone
I can only tell you as long as it takes
Until it’s safe to be a regular “ole” phenomenal woman
And not a superhero wearing your cape

Be sure to let me know which of the following original definitions of C.A.P.E. resonates with you the most in the comments below:

  • Careful About Protecting my Energy
  • Change Anything that Prevents Excellence
  • Can’t Always Protect Everyone
  • Create and Affirm Positive Energy
  • Calm And Peaceful Energy
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