Announcing my new book release: “No Really, I’m Fine”

Posted On March 24th, 2022

PSA: I stopped reaching for the stars and just GRABBED one! And I confess, I love the way this success feels in the palm of my hand.  

Let me explain. 

Recently, I made the decision to stop aspiring towards my dreams, and to just do the work to achieve them. As a result, in the past 13 months, I published not just one book, but TWO. That’s right, I released my first novella, “A Table for One” in February 2021 and just published the sequel, “No Really, I’m Fine,” last week! Never mind the fact that this occurred while I served in a Key Development (KD) assignment in my full-time career as an Army Officer. I prioritized an accomplishment that served MY happiness, supported MY dreams, and fulfilled MY purpose. And I don’t have a single regret. On the contrary, I am beyond proud of myself for having the courage to put ME first. 

I am also extremely and externally grateful to everyone that supports my work. It’s true, I could never thank you enough for encouraging me to do that thing that makes my heart smile the brightest and biggest. Writing books. 

Indeed, no longer do I aspire to be an Author. I am one. Twice over. 

Grabbing stars is addictive. Try it out and let me know if you agree.

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