The Beauty of Resilience

Posted On October 11th, 2021

Life goes on – after every hurt and after every tragedy. The world doesn’t stop when we suffer, nor does it slow down as we recover. Life continues at the exact same pace, whether we actively participate in it or not.

I can admit that I did not participate in most of my journey with Breast Cancer. I watched from the sideline as a world class team of doctors did everything possible to fix me, as my family prayed and cared for me, and as my friends supported me. I did not know the woman at the center of all that attention, because she looked nothing like the person I was before cancer. She was weak and uncertain. She was in control of absolutely nothing. I thought that would become my new normal.

Octavia Scott, climbing some wooden stairs amidst grass, looking back over her shoulder. She is wearing a multicolor floral peplum dress and hot pink strappy shoes.

One thing I can say is that Breast Cancer gave me the freedom to hurt out loud. For that I am grateful. At every stage of the diagnosis, mastectomies, chemotherapy, reconstruction surgery, and even recovery I was required to experience pain, to cry, to feel isolated and even defeated. Cancer granted permission for the strong black woman to check out.

But then I encountered a fate that did not include death. And I had to check back into life. I had to embrace my new identify as a woman that suffered an unimaginable pain – emotionally, mentally, and physically – and survived. I then faced the challenge of finding the right balance between remembering enough of the pain to maintain a sense of gratitude and letting enough of the hurt go so that I could get back to happy. I had to make a choice. I could blame cancer for introducing the kind of fear into my life that won’t ever truly and fully go away. Or I could be grateful for resiliency that allowed me to rise from beneath rock bottom. And arrive to a place where I can believe that even if the worst of life is still not yet behind me, my best is definitely still yet to come.

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4 responses to “The Beauty of Resilience”

  1. Brenda h Thomas says:

    Soror your exuberance is awesome.
    You are a true believer and your story is very inspirational to me and others.
    Continue to be the person that you are resilient, brave, beautiful and terrific. Your journey has made you a great powerful person. Aren’t you happy that you never bent
    Continue to soar my dear Soror.

  2. Love you Always says:

    I’m glad you have the courage to keep going on and not giving up. Remember God have not given us the spirit of fear because God is always with us.God word say He will never leave nor forsake us. You have the strength of God in you to do the will of God to never quit. I’m so glad he has given you his STRENGTH. He has enable you to keep going and be true to yourself. Remember he will never put more on than you can bear. Just trust him. He knows everything that you have been through. He loves you and keep the courage to keep going on. I can do all things through Christ who strength me. Phil 4:18 He has the best for you. Thank you for not giving up and not quitting but for putting your TRUST in GOD. You made the choice during your difficult days to stay Courageous and let God equipped you to keep going. Love Mama💕💕

    • Octavia Scott says:

      Thank you sooooo much Mama!!!! I love you and appreciate you so far beyond any words could ever express!